Sharon Lock Video


PSYCH-K® found Sharon in 2008. She was already a practicing Homeopath at the time and not really searching for other tools to add to her toolkit. However, after watching a video of Rob Williams – the originator of PSYCH-K® talking about it she felt compelled to attend the Basic workshop. She was so blown away by the possibilities PSYCH-K® offered for working with herself and her clients that she soon found herself attending the Advanced Integration workshop with Robin Graham. This was a truly life changing experience, not least because her youngest son was conceived 7 days after the workshop. This followed a period of struggle to become pregnant and a previous miscarriage at nearly 5 months pregnant, which had left her believing that it wasn’t going to be possible to have another child. Her youngest son Ethan, her PSYCH-K® baby, was born 9 months later on Christmas day! Such a precious gift! So passionate about PSYCH-K® and the results she was experiencing she began sponsoring workshops, making learning PSYCH-K® accessible for her clients based mostly in the north of England. She truly believes that PSYCH-K® is a tool for life and encouraged people to attend a workshop so that they too had the ability to unlock the power within them and to open up to new possibilities for themselves and to the ripple effect that goes beyond that. Sharon became a PSYCH-K® Instructor in 2017, nine years after attending the Basic workshop and having let go of her Homeopathic practice to give her full focus to sharing PSYCH-K® more widely. She has worked with individuals of all ages, including children and indeed whole families. She is never happier than when she is teaching PSYCH-K® and teaches regularly in Leeds, Edinburgh and Dublin. Sharon Lock M.L.C.Hom – PSYCH-K® Instructor/Facilitator