PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop Sweden

Thank you for taking the time to explore PSYCH-K® further and in particular the Basic workshop I’ll be presenting.

The Basic workshop is the first step in learning how to facilitate PSYCH-K®, whether for yourself, your family, friends or professionally with clients. It is a pre-requisite to attend the Basic workshop prior to any of the other PSYCH-K® workshops.

This is the foundational course for all of PSYCH-K® . It addresses a broad range of challenges and opportunities. For some people, this is all the PSYCH-K they will need to manage the ‘speed bumps’ of life. This workshop is a pre-requisite for all other PSYCH-K®  workshops.

The workshop is an experiential 3 days where time is allotted not only for learning the techniques but also to put into practice what you have learned with other workshop participants. The aim being at the end of the 3 days you leave feeling confident enough to put into practice what you have learned back at home in your daily life.

What you will learn in the workshop

How to communicate with the subconscious mind, using a unique muscle testing protocol.
Two different processes called ‘Balances’ for changing subconscious beliefs, i.e., the New Direction Balance, and the Resolution Balance.
A goal clarification process, called, VAK to the Future, that makes it easier for the subconscious mind to better understand and assist you in achieving your goals.
How to create well-formed, and compelling goal statements to enhance any area of your life.
Differences between the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind, and the role of each in changing limiting beliefs

Facilitate change

How to facilitate belief changes with yourself and others.
Self Muscle Testing so that you can Facilitate the Balances with yourself on your own.
Secondary Gain Benefits and how to address those deep blocks to change.
A Balance to Transform the perception of a stressful situation. This could be an experience based in the past, present or future and can also address phobias.
Using PSYCH-K® in your daily life.

Your current life

Did you know that 95% of your life is being driven by the subconscious beliefs and programmes that were installed at a very young age – many of which can be extremely limiting and disempowering.
Imagine being able to take control of your own life by changing the limiting beliefs that hold you back, into empowering beliefs that help you to create a positive future.
Our beliefs can affect our health and body image, self esteem, personal power, finances, spirituality, confidence, ability to relax, relationships and much, much more.


Apple Hotel, Torpvallsgatan 6, Gothenburg, Sweden

Venue Website

(There is plenty of free parking at the hotel)


If you would like to stay at hotel during the workshop the price for a single bedroom is
SEK 875 per night, including breakfast and dinner. 

Basic Workshop Investment:
Individual Price €800  (SEK 8400)

Early Bird Price €700 * (SEK 7400)
* Paid in full one month prior to the workshop start date.

Registration and contact information:
Please contact Lovisa to register your interest or book your place.
or tel +46 768 944 979

Information in Swedish:


Transport to the venue: 
Apple Hotel, Torpvallsgatan 6, Gothenburg in Sweden.

 (Aprox. 3.5 hours travel from Stockholm (train), Copenhagen (train/bus), Oslo (train/bus) Northen Jylland In Denmark (boat).

Good connections at Landvetter Airport, 25 min with Airport Coach to Gothenburg City

Tram nr 1 and 5 will take you from city of Gothenburg to stop Kaggeledstorget (25 min).

From Landvetter Airport:
Take the Airport coaches (Flygbussarna) to stop Korsvägen.
Change to tram nr 5 to stop Kaggeledstorget (20 min).