5 Years of teaching PSYCH-K®


How have you been? 

This is my attempt at getting back on track with writing. It’s one of those things that I’d like to do more often but until now has been perpetually on my list of things to do, always remaining at the bottom of my list! I’m reminding myself that done is better than perfect though! Especially if perfect means it never happens. ; ) 

Do you have things like that? Things you’d love to do more often, but for whatever reason don’t quite get around to doing. 

This past week has been a week of reflection here in the UK, celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, 70 years as our Monarch, 70 Years in the same Job! How rare it is these days to spend so long in the same vocation. I imagine it’s much easier to do this if you are passionate about your role. A life of any kind of service is to be celebrated and 70 years is really remarkable, perhaps that’s what’s kept her so active well in to her 90’s. While it’s not essential to commit to the level of service the Queen has, ‘dedicating all her adult life to service before self,’ we all have the opportunity to play our part in service for the greater good, even if it’s just doing a bit of litter picking in our local area or supporting a local charity. At the Basic workshop we talk about ways in which we can use PSYCH-K® for the greater good too, in service to others and to our planet. 

Talking of anniversaries, I can’t quite believe it’s been 5 years since my first PSYCH-K® Instructor certification, which took place in Taos New Mexico in 2017. The time has flown by! I’ve been facilitating PSYCH-K® since 2008, but this week I’ll be celebrating 5 years of teaching PSYCH-K®. What an amazing journey it’s been and I’ve enjoyed every moment, as well as the evolution it’s brought to both my facilitation and teaching.  

I hope that I’ve become wiser in that time, since I’ve had the privilege of teaching countless workshops, sharing PSYCH-K® with so many new PSYCH-K® Facilitators. What an absolute gift it’s been. I never take for granted my role as a PSYCH-K® Instructor and the blessing it is to share PSYCH-K® with others.  

My Instructor Training back in 2017 offered me another gift too. The first day of the process was 6th June 2017. I know this because up until that point in my life the date had represented a painful reminder of the sudden passing of my dad, when I was just 18 years old. The certification offered the possibility for me to associate that date with something more positive, an opportunity to reframe that date as a gift of accelerated growth in a different way. For this I’m very grateful! 

Earlier this year, in January, I had another opportunity for accelerated growth, as I embarked on another certification to become a PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Instructor. This was a process that took much longer than planned, as Covid restrictions prevented us from traveling. It was amazing to finally achieve that goal though. I adore the Master Facilitation workshop and the opportunity to witness 3 days of phenomenal growth for all who attend. One of the things we teach at the Master Facilitation workshop is that Mastery is a journey with no end. It’s a perpetual process of evolution and I’m very aware that this is the case for me every time I teach a workshop, I’m always learning! The day I stop learning is the day to stop teaching!! 

My most recent learning, a thread that spanned my last 3 workshops, was the recognition that in order to evolve further I need to be okay with asking for help. I had a few experiences that showed me that I needed to ask for help and be at peace with receiving it. I know from personal experience that everything happens for a reason and when I don’t listen to messages in life they tend to get louder, with the potential to create discomfort too. I’m sure you’ll have experienced this at some point in your life too! This is, in itself, a reason to pay attention and act on messages, even if we don’t have the full picture at the time. Over the years I’ve learned to trust the process and follow my intuition. When I do listen, get curious and then act on the message I tend to find that things unfold in the most beautiful and synchronistic ways. This is the way that help showed up for me in this instance too.  

So, I’d like to introduce you to my new Virtual Assistant – Caroline Pickup. She is an absolute dynamo!!! We haven’t been working together long at all but already I’m so grateful to have her working with me. Working together with Caroline and collaborating so closely with Cazzie, my dear friend and fellow UK PSYCH-K® Instructor, reminds me of the following quote… 

Having the right circle of women around you is honestly an opportunity for the biggest life upgrade.  

I’ve spent so long just getting on with things, independently, while looking after all those around me, it really never occurred to me that perhaps I would benefit from help. One of the first things Caroline said to me was, “How have you been doing this all on your own for so long Sharon?”. Her words really landed in a beautiful way for me. The idea that I could do it all but that I don’t have to is truly liberating and those of you who know me well, know that I’m all about collaboration and supporting each other with common goals.  

The universe gently whispered into my ear that I was becoming my own limiting factor and in order to do what I’m here to do I’m going to require some extra support. 

My Mantra since the beginning of this year has been, ‘how can I serve at an even greater level’, so it’s not really surprising that something had to change.  

So here I am learning how to up level!! Another level of evolution.  

I’m not going to lie; it doesn’t come naturally to me to receive help. So, thank God for PSYCH-K®, there’s been a LOT of Balancing along the way. ; ) 


Apparently, for centuries, a 5th year anniversary has been represented by wood. This tradition is based on the idea that trees symbolise strength and wisdom. I love this idea and that it’s represented by the wisdom of nature too. ; ) 

It’s a joy to be celebrating 5 years of teaching PSYCH-K® and I’m so looking forward to what the next 5 years have in store! Thank you for all who have shared a part of this journey with me. 


Sharon xoxo